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Sandwiches, Bagels, Rolls, Wraps & Baguettes

Our Tasty Sandwich Fillings

Available on a wide range of breads including:

Sandwich Bread
Crusty roll
Baby baguette
Large white bap
Brown Baguette
Large granary bap

Fillings List:

Chicken Mayo
Chicken Sweetcorn
Chicken Med
Chicken salad & mayo
Chicken & pickle
Chicken & BBQ sauce
Chicken & coleslaw
Chicken & Pesto
Chicken lemon & b. pepper
Chinese Chicken
Italian chicken
Chicken Tikka
Mexican Chicken
Green Thai Chicken
Red Thai Chicken
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken and Rounds sauce
Chicken Club (ham, spring onion and mayo)
Piri piri chicken
Chicken, red onion & mayo
Honey & chilli chicken
Coronation chicken & lettuce
Coronation chicken
Chicken & stuffing
Chicken,bacon & sweetcorn
Chicken bacon & onion
Chicken & spring onion
Chicken bacon & mayo
Chicken bacon caesar sauce
BLT with mayo
Bacon egg & tomato ketchup
Bacon sausage egg mayo mix
Bacon & swiss cheese
Bacon brie & cranberry
Stilton & bacon
Ham salad
Ham & cheese
Ham & tomato
Ham cheese & coarse grain mustard
Ham & cream cheese
Ham & egg mayo
Ham & turkey
Ham & swiss cheese
Ham onion & mayo
Ham & coleslaw
Plain Ham
Smoked cheese & ham
Turkey & swiss cheese
Turkey salad
Turkey cranberry & stuffing
Lamb & mint
Lamb doner, chilli sauce & tomato
Lamb doner, garlic mayo & salad
Aromatic Duck
Roast beef & salad
Beef and Dill
Roast beef & horseradish
Roast beef onion & mayo
Plain beef
Corned beef & tomato
Corned beef & pickle
Corned beef & spring onion
Louisiana Tuna Melt
Tuna Mayo
Tuna mayo & cucumber
Tuna sweetcorn
Tuna mayo & swiss cheese
Tuna mayo & grated cheese
Tuna mayo & salad
Tuna med
Tuna onion cucumber & salad cream
Italian Tuna
Prawn mayo & Avocado
Prawn mayo & salad
Prawn mayo & egg
Prawn cocktail
Prawn crab & mayo
Smoked Salmon & cream cheese
Crayfish & cocktail sauce
Cheese & salad
Cheese & tomato
Cheese & pickle
Cheese & onion
Cheese & marmite
Cheese & mango chutney
Red leicester & onion
Mexicana cheese & salad
Cheese & spring onion mix
Cheese & celery mix
Grated cheese & coleslaw
Smoked cheese & salad
Brie & Grape
Brie & Avocado
Egg mayo mix
Sliced egg tomato & mayo
Sliced egg cress & mayo
Sliced egg salad & mayo
Egg mayo & Chives
Sausage sliced egg & mayo
Sausage & BBQ sauce
Pate & Cucumber
Salami swiss cheese & mayo
Salami salad & mayo

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